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    DO / Fashion & Accessories


    Everyday life is the most beautiful catwalk of them all. Here everyone can become their own style icon. The DO visitors represent precisely this style-conscious target group. They like individual style that is non-mainstream, daring, sustainable and special at the very first glance.

    As a fashion designer, you are therefore something like their best friend – after all, you are able to make extravagant wishes come true with your products and ideas. In one of the biggest areas of the DO, you can present your products for men, women and kids – shirts, shawls, trousers, hats, shoes, bags, spectacles, rings, belts and all those things which your target group likes to wear and adorn itself with.

    And you can be sure of one thing: your customers can hardly wait to get to know you, to select their favourite piece and to buy it then and there.

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