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    In the context of the official opening the Designer ' Open be 2013 awarded to both the DO/jury Award and MDR design price. You soon find all information here.

    Review DO/Jury Award 2012


    A Design-Festival of course also has to have an award conferral – we will even be celebrating several of them.

    Within the scope of the Designers’ Open 2012 the Saxony state award for Design was con-ferred for the first time, the MDR (Central German Radio) again distinguished progressive works from the central German University landscape and as every year we nominated three exhibitor works, which were convincing in the areas information content, appearance, repro-ductability and sustainability.


    Award winners 2012:

    • Jennifer Dengler (Haale/Saale)
    • howitzweissbach (Leipzig)
    • Kinematics - Robotics for children (Leipzig)
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