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    Focal point: DO! FUTURE MATTER

    New materials for our future


    Sustainability is not just a trend, but rather also a necessary principle for all products and processes that are being developed and manufactured. Sustainability is complex because it challenges all production and consumption processes. Most products do not physically fall apart straight away. Instead, they lose their cultural value faster than they can be worn out and consumed. Sharing changes the value and usage life of products. Recycling and the cycles being created are changing the way materials are handled.


    What will the materials of the future be? There are many material usage practices that our society has to say goodbye to - simply because they affect our environment too much. How is it possible to reuse and repurpose these materials? It is time to not waste resources, but instead to keep them in the material cycle. Recyclable materials increase in value. Novelty and originality are re-evaluated during the life cycle of materials and colours.

    Material research is a forward-looking field of design. Finding new materials also means thinking about the state of the world. To what extent can society afford resources in the future? What is sustainably available and can be recycled?

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